Dude|Am I A Slut? - Part 3 Porn Pics

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The next caller to the Ellis Show|Eidyia|had a story about her wedding. She had her driver stop to pick up her Maid of Honor who happened to be a large black guy (with a HUGE dick)|Prince Yahshua. She had a problem: she's nervous and was just SO horny. She used to be a big freak - if only she had one more chance to be a big|huge|ass fucking|cock sucking whore.. Prince suggested other men|but none would do. She asked the driver to fuck her rotten|but he suggested Prince! It was the only way. She wanted him to fuck her with all he had - in her face|her pussy|her ass|be treated like the dirty slut that she is. That's what I call a white wedding! Red Dragons! Joanna Angel, Eidyia, Prince Yahshua