Washing Mom's Windows|Scene #01 Porn Pics

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It's been a while that Jaclyn Taylor has given a Nuru Massage and would love to get some practice in before her client shows up. Her stepson Rob Carpenter wants to help out any way possible|so Jaclyn asks if she can practice on him to refresh her memory. Rob isn't sure how his dad would feel|so for things not to get weird|they both agree to wear their bathing suits. Jaclyn's black bikini baring her enormous boobs and ass hunched over her sons body|dripping Nuru Gel over his back. She drenches her boobs and erect nipples but her bikini top doesn't feel good on her son's back|so she removes it|releasing her perfectly ripe nipples from their dark covering. Rob turns around onto his back|his hard cock peeking through his shorts. Jaclyn knows her client will be coming over soon|but first|she needs to take care of her son's naughty inappropriate cock! Jaclyn Taylor, Rob Carpenter